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Text Box: Streaming Video E-mail from ClearStream Media GroupÖ We Deliver Your Message!
   Video E-mail is a great marketing tool that combines the compelling power of television, the communications impact of the telephone, the interactivity of the Internet, and can be delivered around the world on-demand. Your video message plays automatically as the recipient opens the e-mail... as a video stream... no attachments to open... No viruses to worry about!
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   Hereís why ClearStream Media Groupís streaming video e-mail should be part of your marketing or corporate communications program. Imagine the need to make an impact on shareholders, or give a pep talk to the troops?  Video E-mail from ClearStream Media Group is the perfect solution.  It is much more compelling than the traditional text message. A video e-mail message instills a sense of urgency when approaching a deadline, or provides a more understandable demonstration on how to use a new product. Why struggle with text or difficult-to-understand graphics, when you can simply walk your customers through a process, just like you were there in person?

  The need to get your message out clearly, efficiently and effectively are three more reasons to consider Streaming Video E-mail from ClearStream Media Group. By using a customized media player skin, you can actually brand your company while your message is being delivered. 

  Streaming video E-mail from ClearStream Media Group is an absolutely fabulous alternative to traditional messaging. Itís also an exceptionally dynamic marketing and promotional tool! Itís great for previews, save the date announcements, product launches, you name it. The number of streaming video E-mail applications from ClearStream Media Group is virtually limitless. 

  ClearStream Media Group utilizes state-of-the-industry technology for its Streaming Video E-mail. We make it easy-to-use and very cost-effective. No file downloads that consume valuable time and hard-drive space. Your Streaming Video E-mail is stored on our network servers and is automatically streamed to the recipient when the E-mail is opened. Since there are no attachments, the Streaming Video E-mail passes through most firewalls. 





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