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   ClearStream Media Group is excited to offer Synchronized Presentations capabilities for your business.  This streaming technology enables you to broadcast graphic-based presentations... synchronized with video, over the Internet to your audience... as an online webcast that integrates your visual aids with an audio or video stream. 

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   Envision a sales meeting or seminar where the speaker is describing the graphics on a screen as part of the presentation.  It could be a PowerPoint presentation... a slide projector... a white board... even an overhead projector... any kind of visual aid... Synchronized Presentations combines video narration with graphs, slides and other support materials into a full screen application for your viewer.  Integrate all of your presentation support material... charts... graphs... diagrams... photographs... sketches... renderings... blueprints... maps... any visual aid that would normally be a part of a live presentation... accompanied by a Video Narration...!

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   Broadcast your presentation to business partners, prospective customers, employees... Your audience can view your video presentations by simply selecting the "Play" button.  Best of all... Once your presentation is complete, your audience is able to quickly and simply return to each of the graphics shown during the presentation for further review.  If you wish to limit access to who has access to your presentation, it can easily be password protected... or even be made available for a limited time or number of viewings.

   The value of  information sharing provided by the Internet is clear... but often there is just too much information.  Navigating a website to get information can sometimes be a tedious and frustrating experience for your online visitors.  Online Synchronized Presentations enable you to streamline the information available on your website... showcasing information  that the visitor would otherwise have to search for... With a presentation that can play "automatically" or "on-demand'.

Text Box: Synchronized Presentations... the Ultimate in "Show & Tell"...!




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