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 ClearStream Media's Distance Learning solution, incorporating the use of Streaming Media, is a highly effective tool in the online delivery of training and education to a widely dispersed audience.
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  We make it easy and affordable to use streaming media as an instructional tool for business and education.  Employees, students, clients and customers are able to view your training video or lecture on the Internet... as an interactive experience!

 Corporations will save valuable time and resources... Educational Institutions can provide "Off-Campus" learning... Lectures may be viewed at the student's convenience, at work or at home.  Classes are available for "on-demand" viewing ... Enabling students to reinforce the learning process by taking  "refresher" classes.
Employee Orientation Online Classes
New Product Training Refresher Classes
Corporate Training Continuing Education
Seminars Study Aid

  In addition, there is the capability of tracking whether students or employees have actually viewed the distance learning presentation, measuring how much they actually learned from it.

Integrating Streaming-Media as a tool for Distance Learning is a highly effective way to train employees, expose students to new material, or reinforce lessons taught in classes... Text Box: Your Video Lessons... Available "On-Demand"... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!





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