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Corporate Communications

  The need for effective corporate communications is extremely important in today’s highly-charged, high-tech business climate. Competition is fierce, sales channels are clogged,  and revenue drivers are increasingly fluid.  How do you keep the lines of communication open?  How do you keep everyone on the same page – in the same chapter – in the same book... Corporate Communications Solutions from ClearStream Media Group.

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  With the soaring costs of travel, growing demands on our time and heightened risks to personal safety doesn’t it make sense to communicate electronically whenever possible?  You  already know about the way e-mail has revolutionized the way your organization communicates... Video Streaming applications are the next step in the evolution of digital communications.

  ClearStream Media Group has developed a strong web-based Streaming Media solutions package for more effective corporate communications.  We will show you how your company can communicate globally... and more efficiently... with customers, prospects, employees and shareholders.
Employee Orientation Video E-mail Campaigns
Corporate Training Stockholder Updates

                 Sales & Marketing Presentations

                             Product Launches

  By utilizing a combination of Video E-mail, Synchronized Presentations, Distance Learning and Webcasting… ClearStreamMedia Group can seamlessly integrate multiple streaming applications with your existing web presence, to enable your organization to communicate important information using the power of Streaming Media technology.

"...Mercedes-Benz USA offers an online Course for mechanics joining its... used-car program. The German luxury-car maker covered its costs in just six weeks, or after 50 students, through savings on items such as travel to its training centers and days absent from the job..." (Wall Street Journal - "Video Streaming Is A Sleeper Hit With Business Crowd")

 Your company can Save Time and Money... and Communicate Globally...
A Better Way to Communicate with Customers, Employees, Partners, and Investors!



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