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          ClearStream Media Group has technologies that enable organizations and individuals to encode, host, distribute and broadcast audio and video content via the Internet. Our technologies provide complete end-to-end solutions for virtually all of your streaming-media needs.

          ClearStreaming has an in-house capture and encoding lab that is able to take your audio and video content and encode it, then be delivered to the end-user via our proprietary delivery system.

          At the core of ClearStreaming system is our software that automatically detects the end-user's connection speed, browser type and player availability, then automatically selects and delivers the optimal content-stream for that end user.  This software is a technology that we call a Net-Centric Technology. This means that it resides on the Internet via the proprietary ClearStreaming Distribution System. By having the DVS and Media Director software technologies interface and communicate with each other, the net result is the industry's highest quality audio and video content being accessed with just one-click simplicity by your end-user.

          This detection process is transparent to end-users and provides them with one click simplicity when accessing content that has been encoded and delivered via the ClearStreaming system. This user-friendly system delivers what is arguably seen as the highest quality Internet audio and video in the industry.

          Members of our technology team have been associated with Microsoft’s software testing body for years. ClearStream Media Group is an official Windows Media Service Provider and has been recognized by Microsoft as a leader in streaming media technology. We are very proud to have been designated and approved as an official Windows Media Service Provider.



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