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  If video is a significant part of your marketing or training strategy and you have multiple videos... TV commercials... Infomercials... Promotional Videos... Training or Education Videos.. or even an entire archive of video content... A "Video Network" is precisely what your business needs...
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  Unlike Video Hosting which simply links to a single video... Your "Video Network" will have the look and functionality of a television network... "Channels" devoted to specific subjects or... "programming"... Your audience simply clicks on a channel to find the program of interest... and the video plays for them to watch... as simply as changing channels with a TV remote control.... Your audience is there to watch... In contrast to a standard words & pictures website... sifting through layers of text and graphics web pages to read information.

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  Your videos may be selected and seamlessly accessed and viewed through your existing website... or on an easy-to-navigate parallel site.. Consistent with look & feel of your existing website... Featuring Your Video Content... available for "On-Demand" Viewing!
Real Estate / Model Homes Entertainment
Distance Learning Video Previews
Corporate Training Product Information
Seminars Online Video Dating
Instructional / How-to Infomercials
Cooking / Recipes Golf Lessons

   The convergence of TV and the Internet is well underway.  Most major TV Networks have "enhanced" or "interactive" websites with video to supplement their news and entertainment broadcasts. 

  Digital Video storage for webcasting requires enormous storage capacity and Internet bandwidth for accessibility by large-scale audiences... In the same way that you "outsource" your phone network... ClearStream Media Group will provide your organization with the technology and bandwidth infrastructure to become an Internet Broadcaster!




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